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While Objectivism does not yet have a high profile in the Philippines, an increasing number of Filipinos are gaining exposure to Ayn Rand’s ideas and drawing influence from them.

On this page we will profile these people. If you know of someone who should be listed on this page, let us know

Ayn Rand in the Philippines: Text


Investor, Hedge Fund Manager and Commentator

Born and educated in the Philippines, Eric Jurado is a successful venture capitalist in Asia and the United States. A passionate advocate of free markets, he organises the Bastiat Society of the Philippines. Eric has been heavily influenced by Objectivism and applies Objectivist principles in his published writings, including newspaper columns and his blog about economics, business and investment.

Ayn Rand in the Philippines: Text


Writer, Blogger and Content Editor

Joshua Lipana was a young, precocious Filipino who at age 20 was hired as Assistant Editor for the blog of The Objective Standard (TOS), a respected Objectivist magazine and journal in the United States. Joshua wrote a great deal of content for the TOS blog and print magazine, among other international publications, before he died tragically from cancer in 2013. A tribute to the remarkable Mr Lipana can be found here.

Ayn Rand in the Philippines: Text
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